Terms and Conditions


  1. Cancellation is 100% chargeable( non refundable).  
  2. No changes can be made by hotel relating to standard of rooms and others, when reservation is done by one agency. In such situation you are requested to contact the respective agency relating such matters.
  3. If changes relating to date or standards of room is requested and the booking has been done from the hotel website / hotel directly on availability, if possible on request the hotel may / may not accept the change in date request but relating to standard of room , only Non A/c to A/c room can be done and not vice-versa on availability and payment of the difference money by NEFT in the details given below. We may charge additional amount for changes made @RS 160 per night.
  4. When booking has been done online either NEFT or through website you are requested to carry a print out of the payment confirmation details with you.
  5. Full refund will be done within 15 working days on submission of full account details only if the booking is cancelled due to hotelier’s fault.It is mandatory to send mail for such adverse situations.
  6. HOW DO I KNOW MY RESERVATION WAS BOOKED? -You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your hotel booking.
  7. DO I NEED TO CONFIRM MY RESERVATION?-There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you still feel you would like to verify that your reservation was made, you can do so by writing to our Customer Support Team or by contacting our customer services team.

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